New Tax Reform could cause issues extending until 2028

As the GOP in Washington continue to cut deductions for the middle class like casualty loss and state tax deductions there is a more pressing matter. That fact is they are scrambling to find ways of paying for it. If you are familiar with the Byrd rule, a simple majority vote by the Senate using the budget reconciliation process can not increase the Federal deficit within the next 10 years. The number can not exceed 1.5 Trillion by 2028. I understand the Economists on Capital Hill must have enormous amounts of data, to support these provisions, at there disposal but for the average American I think the bigger question is what are we doing to reduce the Federal Deficit. The politicians trying to get elected to the presidency spent 1 BILLION in campaign costs. I think it’s time to follow the French process and restrict the way we campaign. That money is better used to resolve the Federal Deficit.

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