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If your current balance is too high to pay back all at once, Federal Tax Management’s attorneys can assist with a tax installment agreement. This is where we place your balances into a payment arrangement that you can afford monthly. Instead of what the IRS determines you can afford, we negotiate a payment that you can actually afford.Typically, we pair tax debt installment agreements with penalty abatement requests. This results in a lower outstanding balance and manageable monthly payments. This combination is often the tax resolution you need to escape your debt.

IRS Tax Installment Plan Options

IRS Installment plans offer more than one option to pay back your debt over time. This allows you even greater flexibility to manage your payments and commit to a repayment rate that you can actually afford. You can choose from the following payment options:

  • Flat Payment: With this plan, you agree to pay a flat amount every month for 72 months. When you know exactly what you will pay, it’s easier to adjust your budget each month to accommodate it.
  • Graduated Payment Plan: This option enables you to start with a lower payment that will increase to a flat fee over time. In the first two years, you can work on building up your financial stability to prepare to satisfy flat monthly payments by the third year.

We help you determine which option is more appropriate for your circumstances. When you submit an installment plan proposal or abatement request, filing all documentation properly is key. Our experienced tax consultants handle this complicated filing process for you.

At Federal Tax Management, our goal is to help you reduce or adjust your tax debt so it’s no longer an insurmountable obstacle. Our tax installment agreement attorneys specialize in tax-related debt management, and we’ll use every method possible to secure debt relief as soon as possible. Contact us now and we’ll act quickly to devise an effective solution for your situation.

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