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Levy, Liens, and Garnishment Release Services

The IRS may use aggressive means to recoup money that you owe in back taxes or penalties. This may involve attempts to seize your assets, such as property, wages, or bank accounts. Once the situation progresses to this point, you may think you’re out of options. Fortunately, there is still action you can take to convince the IRS to release a levy, lien, or garnishment. Our attorneys help you through this complex process.
The Difference Between Levies, Liens, and Garnishments

The difference between these three collection methods is the asset the IRS pursues. It breaks down as follows:

  • Levy: Bank accounts
  • Lien: Real property and credit report
  • Garnishment: Wages

All three methods are severe and may cause you substantial hardship. At Federal Tax Management, we may help you with the release or removal of the IRS asset attachment.

Removal and Release

The IRS is more willing to remove a levy, lien, or garnishment if you make an alternate arrangement to pay down the debt. As tax relief experts, this is our specialty. We can negotiate on your behalf to work out an installment plan or present a quality Offer in Compromise to the IRS. We can also assist with penalty adjustments or IRS appeals if applicable.

Your circumstances and financial security dictate the best action to resolve your debt, which is why we make recommendations case by case. From the start, you work directly with your tax reduction consultant to develop a viable strategy for your situation. The right approach increases your chances of tax lien removal or levy release.

If you want the IRS to work with you to repay your outstanding balance, proper documentation and filing procedures are crucial. Our qualified tax professionals know how to navigate these obstacles. Contact us now to schedule your appointment or ask any preliminary questions you have. A levy, lien, or garnishment is an urgent situation—don’t wait to address it.

What Are You Waiting For?

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Provide friendly, no-pressure service
  • Resolve back taxes
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Defend you from IRS liens & levies
  • Negotiate with the IRS on your behalf
  • Prevent property seizure
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