They knew EXACTLY how to resolve my issue

As a consumer these days, I don’t trust just anyone, especially when it comes to resolving any sort of tax issues. A few months back, I received a lovely letter from the IRS, and as I’m sure anyone who has received a similar letter, my heart sank. I’ve always been one to be exceptionally organized with my finances, so I was absolutely shocked and terrified when I received this note. Reading through it, and without going into detail, it was clear a mistake had been made, that simply needed to be clarified. I immediately started searching for a tax resolution firm to help me through this process. After researching and reviewing countless companies and their customer reviews, I came across Federal Tax Management Inc. I was immediately put in touch with **** who started out by calmly asking what my issue was. After he received all the necessary details, he appeased my concerns, and confirmed that there was a miscommunication made, and that he and his company would be more than happy to assist if I wanted them to. We talked through more of the process, next steps, and necessary paperwork I would need to supply, and shortly thereafter, I gave him the green light to move forward. He then let me know that his partner, ***, would be in touch. Within a day, *** called me and we talked through the process again, and asked that I send him all documentation that the IRS would likely ask for. He further appeased my concerns that should I provide all docs, this would be resolved, no problem, within 2-3 months (gotta love the snail-paced IRS). That day, I sent all my paperwork, and *** almost immediately confirmed receipt and stated that he would contact me again should he need anything else. A couple months later, I received a note from **** asking if I received any mail from the IRS. He let me know that *** had not received any feedback from them (which was a good sign!), and just wanted to follow up to ensure everything was OK. (Seriously, loved that follow through…) At that point, I hadn’t received any additional notes from the IRS, but I told **** I would let them know as soon as I did. A few weeks later, I received the official note stating that I was in good standing, and that I didn’t owe a dime. I can’t express enough how helpful and WONDERFUL the team at Federal Tax Management Inc is. Not only were they kind, calm, and communicative, they were exceptionally knowledgeable with addressing each and every one of my questions. The fact that they knew EXACTLY how to resolve my issue and what documents I needed right away to resolve was huge for me. As I mentioned, getting this letter was terrifying, and all I wanted to do was talk to someone about how to fix it and make it go away QUICKLY. This company proved to me from the initial conversation that they were the real deal and they cared about me and the quality of work they put out there. I cannot recommend Federal Tax Management Inc enough! I pray I never have to use their services again, but should the need arise, they have yet another loyal customer under their belt.

Elia B.

I would highly recommend this company to anyone having issues with the IRS

I have discussed my issues with **** many times, he is very knowledgeable and understanding. He explained the processes of how it works when dealing with the IRS. I will continue to work with Federal Tax Management and would highly recommend this company to anyone having issues with the IRS.

Karen B.

Very helpful firm

Very helpful firm, wonderful staff !!

Sandy S.

I recommend them to all my friends and family

Paul and Ken at Federal Tax are great. They have been helping me with my personal as well as business taxes for years. I recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks for all your help.

Scott C.

Professional, patient, knowledgeable, informative and pressure free

I’ll start off by saying I’m an avid “shopper” before buying type of person. I research via online and by even calling the company I intended to do business with to get a feel for who I will be dealing with. Federal Tax Management Inc. really sets themselves aside from the competition. The team is professional, patient, knowledgeable, informative and pressure free. The team they’ve put together is full of experience, fast, efficient and very timely. They don’t feed you false information to please you. Straight forward, taking care of business. A genuine crew working together to reach an end goal is what I needed, and it’s what I got with Federal federal Tax Management Inc. They take their clients seriously and are dedicated to you from start to finish. Hopefully I won’t need any more help after they’ve resolved my case down the road, but if I do, I certainly come back. Great experience!

Nate W.

I’m debt free from the IRS

Anytime you owe money to the IRS you are naturally uneasy and skeptical about anyone who is saying they can assist you with your Tax debt. After talking to **** about the different solutions Federal Tax Inc. had customized for me I felt at ease and I had confidence that they would deliver. The fee for their service was very fair and clear. No surprises or hidden fees. I owed the IRS thousands of dollars for multiple years. Once **** had me all set up he had *** take over. *** is a genius when it comes to strategizing your Tax Debt. He was very easy to work with. He gave me realistic expectations on what may or may not happen. It’s definitely a process to try an “offer and compromise” anytime I had questions *** would get back to me right away. After a lot of back and forth with the IRS they accepted the offer *** put together. This was seriously life-changing for me. I’ve had this cloud of Tax debt over me since 2005. After inquiring with 3 other companies it was an easy choice to go with Federal Tax Inc. Now that I’m debt free from the IRS I continue to use their service. Now we strategize how to maximize my returns each year. Thanks again for being a big part of the reason I’m back on my feet and moving forward.

Chris U.

Very professional people!

This company helped me tremendously during a very stressful time. I would recommend them to anyone. Very professional people!

Carrie K.

Tax professionals with strong knowledge of the industry as well as strong character

Federal Tax Management has been a great resource for me to learn more about and get the assistance I need in resolving outstanding tax issues. As a small business owner, understanding where I can writeoff expenses and structure payments can seem unclear when dealing with the IRS directly, but **** and his team have provided great insight which ultimately led to thorough and honest service. Would recommend the company to anyone seeking tax professionals with strong knowledge of the industry as well as strong character

Ben R.

Thanks Fed Tax!

We had over 10 years of missing returns and the IRS was forcing us to file the returns within 30 days. We didn’t know who to turn to until we were referred by a good friend to Federal Tax Management. They not only filed our missing returns within the time the IRS wanted but they also helped us to set up an affordable monthly payment plan. Thanks Fed Tax!

Annie L.

I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders

I don’t write reviews often but when I do, it’s because they have exceeded my expectations. I was behind on my taxes and was issued a garnishment by the state. So, I reached out to Federal Tax Management for assistance. At first, I was a little skeptical because of the bad experiences I’ve had with other similar companies. But I took a chance and I’m glad that I did. **** and *** were extremely helpful and was efficient in taking care of my tax needs. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend Federal Tax Management.

Terri R.

I’m glad to have them on my side

Federal Tax Management has been helping me with my tax issues for the last couple of years. They are very knowledgeable in what they do, and they make dealing with the IRS very easy and painless. I’m glad to have them on my side and would recommend them to anyone that needs help with their tax problems.

Karen K.

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